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Off-Peak Heating with Electric Thermal Storage


The Smart Heating Solution

. . . because there is more to life than worrying about high heating bills. Now comfort, warmth, and affordability can all be built into your home heating system. Whether you are replacing or supplementing an existing furnace or selecting the heating systems for your new home, there is an affordable off-peak heating option. With individual room units and whole-house forced air or Hydronic furnaces, it's easy to find the right system for your application.

JMEC continues to offer an electric heat program. We promote Steffes Corporation Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) units as a way to heat electrically and economically. The ETS heater has been successfully used throughout the state and nation as a way to heat your home using only off-peak power.

The design of the unit has the electric elements surrounded by ceramic bricks inside a super insulated cabinet. The elements are energized and storing up heat in the bricks only during off-peak periods. During peak periods, the elements are disconnected but an on-board, thermostatically controlled fan allows for room air to be circulated over the hot bricks and blown out into the room whenever they is a call for heat. The ETS units can hold their charge for long periods of time allowing you to get 24 hour heating but, only use off-peak power. Units installed in the area are performing beautifully.

Comments received back have been very positive, with the comfort and evenness of the heat topping the list. ETS units can deliver you the quiet, clean comfortable heat you want and at an economical price.

The ETS units come in various sizes and offer both room units as well as whole house furnace and boiler units.The ETS units can be installed in either new construction or can be retrofitted into an existing house.

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